Kickball Coach creates custom lineups based on your team’s settings, each player’s skills and rank at positions are all factored into creating the perfect lineup.


Each player’s profile allows you to set the player’s gender and to assign a percentage value to their skill levels for bunting, fielding, kicking, on base percentage and running. This information is used to determine kicking order as well as for who to use for substitutions when assigning positions.


Player positions can be assigned in the player’s profile and under the position in settings. Tapping the position in the field in settings allows you to sort the players in the order you’d like them to play the position with the player at the top of the list being your first choice. This information is used when assigning players to positions in innings. The ranking of players allows for substitutions to be made when a player has reached the maximum number of innings.

Game Settings

Towards the bottom of settings, you can configure a few more things that affect the way a game is created. The number of innings played defaults to 5 as this is a common number in adult co-ed kickball. You can also configure the minimum number of girls and the minimum number of guys required per inning. Lastly, the Play Fair and Play to Win options allow you to decide if you want to give your team equal play time or if you want your best players to play as much as possible.