Kickball Coach is an app to help manage your kickball team and create winning lineups with ease!

It’s a lot of work to set up a kicking lineup and 5 or 6 innings worth of field positions. For adult coed kickball you have to make sure you have the right number of girls and guys in each inning and, if you’re nice, that each player gets to play, on average, an equal number of innings. Plus, sometimes you don’t know who’s going to show up to the game until the last minute and then you have to re-arrange the whole lineup. All of this cuts, critically, into time that could be spent “pre-gaming”.

Kickball Coach makes creating lineups for games quick and easy. Once you set up your team by adding players and setting their positions and skill levels, you can create a game lineup with just a tap of a button. It’s really that easy! Before creating your game lineup you can de-select team members who aren’t playing. You can also add players to and remove players from a game, change their field positions and kicking lineup order with a few taps and drags. No more scratching your paper with eraser marks.

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